You will need
  • Capacity for irrigation, organic and mineral fertilizers for tomatoes.
For watering tomatoes in the greenhouse should not use cold water. It is a stress for plants. Water is best prepared in advance. Let it heat up in the sun. Convenient to install in the greenhouse a special container for the water, then the temperature of the run will be optimal.
Pour the tomatoes in the greenhouse should not be too often. The fact is that tomatoes don't like excessive moisture. They have a pivotal root system, leaving deep enough into the soil, it allows plants to find moisture even when the top layer of soil seems completely dry. Convenient to water tomatoes once a week or less, better to do it in the evening.
Tomatoes in the greenhouse can be watered directly at the root. These plants do not tolerate moisture on leaves and stems. To improve the efficiency of irrigation is recommended to protect each plant so-called tree trunks circle with a small depression near the stem. This creates a kind of hole which is very convenient to do the watering.
On one plant the tomatoes in the greenhouse you must use five to ten gallons of water. The hole will allow the moisture to spread on the soil surface, and the entire amount of watering will get the plant. In order to reduce evaporation and to reduce the amount of watering, many growers use the mulching. As mulch you can use compost, weeds, and even paper.
Watering tomatoes in the greenhouse is convenient to combine with dressing. You can alternate organic and mineral drugs. As organic fertilizer is preferable to use the infusion of bird droppings. Tomato plants really respond positively to such watering. It is possible to use granular fertilizers. In this case, they scattered in basal wells in small portions or mixed with mulch. When watering, the granules are gradually destroyed, and tomatoes get the necessary moisture and nutrients.