You will need
  • seeds;
  • - seedling boxes;
  • the soil for tomatoes;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - pegs;
  • - twine:
  • - fertilizer.
For growing an early crop of tomatoes in the greenhouse sow the seeds in February-March. For this you will need grow boxes and soil, which can be purchased at the store or prepare it yourself in the fall. Just be sure in both cases, the soil treat vapor, then it will die pathogens of plants and larvae of pests.
Take care with seedlings, be sure to fertilize it, and when will heat transfer to the greenhouse, let the seedlings get used to the lighting, temperature and humidity. After 3-5 days you can plant it in the soil of the greenhouse.
Prepare the soil for growing tomatoes since the autumn - dig and make humus and ash. Again in the spring dig and make a well in the row of holes staggered in two rows at a distance of 50-60 cm More rows is not necessary, because the tomatoes would be inconvenient to care for, and dense planting will bring a big harvest, but on the contrary - it will reduce. Pour each well pink solution of manganese. Planted in each hole, one plant (deep is not necessary), but if you have an elongated seedling, planted it in the slope, sinking in the ground part of the stem. Pour.
Stick near each plant to the stake about a meter long, tie him to a soft twine stem. Further care for the tomatoes - just water them and remove all the shoots when they reach 4-5 cm If the tomatoes you are growing tall varieties, tie their growth to the outstretched along the ceiling of the greenhouse wire.
To grow a good crop of tomatoes in the greenhouse, you need to periodically tap on the stems. Pollen will strahovatsya pistil and the ovaries to produce more. During this period you need to hold the fertilizer potash fertilizers. Repeat the feeding after 10 days. When the first fruits grows up, tear off all the leaves below the first brush.
In time to collect red tomatoes, then the new will ripen faster. Closer to fall tear off all the flowers and presidnete growth point. New ovaries you no longer need, and the formed faster will be ready. For the zone of the Urals and Siberia do it at the end of August. In Central Russia a bit later. But if you have a heated greenhouse, choose a time for this manipulation yourself.