You will need
  • - boxes or peat pots;
  • seeds;
  • - soil mixture;
  • - humus;
  • - complex mineral fertilizers;
  • - river sand;
  • - wooden stakes;
  • - twine.
For the cultivation of late varieties of tomato seeds need to begin to sow in the third week of February, mid-season varieties in the second week of March. Early tomatoes can be sown in the third decade of March.
Before sowing treat the seeds in a pink solution of potassium permanganate. Prepare boxes or peat pots with nutrient soil mixture. Make a sowing to a depth of 2 cm, and then cover the planting with cellophane and put in a warm place with a temperature of 23-24 degrees.
As soon as the first loops of germination, remove the plastic and move the boxes or peat pots closer to the source of natural lighting. Most often it is a window or a table near the window.
To dive down the seedlings when the first two true leaves. The distance between the tomato bushes should be in row spacing of 15 cm in row 8 see Or put each plant in a separate container.
In early may, you can later (depending on the weather), prepare the soil in the greenhouse. Carefully dig it to a depth of bayonet spade, make a mold, sand and fertilizers. 1 square meter will require 1 two-gallon bucket of compost, 2 buckets of clean river sand and 1 matchbox of complex mineral fertilizers.
Planted seedlings in a greenhouse at a distance of a spacing of 60-70 cm, in the line – 35-40 see If you have a heated greenhouse, soil preparation and planting can be done in April. After liberally pour the tomato bushes, the long from tie to wooden pegs.
For greenhouse tomatoes needs careful care. As regrowth of laterals spend their circumcision, letting the Bush in one or two of the stem. Systematically podesavate plants, avoiding that they bend. Time to remove weeds and loosen soil.
Watering should be rare, but abundant. Greenhouse tomatoes watered enough in hot weather 2-3 times a week. If the air temperature does not exceed 20 degrees, watering can be reduced. The main thing that the soil does not dry up, but was not very moist.
Below the ovaries was a lot, spray the plants with a special drug that stimulates their education. Spraying need to make two times. For the first time – during the formation of the first stems and the second one during the mass flowering. For pollination occasionally slightly postukivanie on the stems.
The first of August, stop watering, okucia tomatoes and tear off all the stems. This will help to speed up the ripening. After the twentieth of August, remove all the fruit and put in boxes for ripening.