Proper watering is one of the most important rules in growing tomatoes. Watered them about once a week. Below the root system is adopted moisture, watering should be plentiful. The soil after watering be sure to loosen, to form a dry crust on its surface, and below to the plant roots better flowing air. If the tomatoes watered enough, especially in a drought, the fruits are subjected to dangerous disease - apical rot and crack.

In addition to watering tomatoes need a good dressing. This process begin in about 10 days after the seedlings were planted in a permanent place. For these purposes use cow dung in the ratio of 1 bucket of mullein for 10 buckets of water. After feeding the tomatoes should be Spud. This low-growing varieties Spud a continuous ridge, and tall - seperate each plant. By hilling plants, there are additional roots, enhanced crop nutrition, which prevents the falling of the ovaries.

Further, feeding can be carried out after 10 days, complex mineral fertilizers. While the tomatoes were flowers for each plant make 1 l of feeding after flowering, 2 L. tomatoes are Fed simultaneously with watering. Tomatoes respond well to the introduction into the grooves of wood ash. Nitrogen fertilizers should be especially careful, because their excess causes intensive growth of green mass at the expense of flowers and fruits. In addition, they can accumulate in the fruit nitrates.

Growing tomatoes is an interesting fact for gardeners, which need to be treated quite carefully.