You will need
  • - pegs;
  • - slurry;
  • - superphosphate;
  • - potassium sulphate.
Start to care for your tomatoes with the appearance of the first sprouts of seedlings. It needs to be watered, but not to fill in, to avoid mold on soil or blackleg can destroy all your efforts. Definitely optinuity after the emergence of the second leaf. While presidnete the root tip, then the seedlings will be stronger.
When you plant the tomatoes in the greenhouse or in the open ground, tie them to pegs. But the knot should not be tight, otherwise it will pull the stem. Be sure to periodically loosen the soil near the stem, watering it appears cork. Water the tomatoes with warm water pooled at the root, not the leaves, in the morning or evening, but not during the day, especially hot. During summer sultry days, you can in addition to spraying, too, in the morning or evening.
Watch for the laterals as soon as they reach 2-4 cm, delete, leaving a small stump of 1 cm. This will prevent the emergence of a new stepson. The lower leaves on the stem, remove when they start to blush in the fruit bottom of the brush. Make tomatoes into a single stem, if you grow tall varieties, and 2 of the stem to Stam.
Feed the tomato slurry after the formation of the first of the ovaries. For this purpose it is dilute with water in proportion of 10 l of water 500 ml of slurry. Now add 1 teaspoon of potassium sulphate and 1 teaspoon of superphosphate. If the soil under the tomatoes poor, the kind of fertilizer do in 3 weeks after transplanting.
For the prevention of late blight swipe in the middle of summer tomatoes spraying 1% Bordeaux liquid or other copper-containing drugs.
To quickly blushed tomatoes new, harvest after the appearance of the fruit brown. In the bathroom, the tomatoes ripen very quickly. If the brush is heavy, additionally tie it up to avoid breaking.
In the middle of August to middle of Russia presidnete the tops of the stems and remove any flowers. This will help to strengthen the growth already started tomatoes. For extra maturation can be a sharp shovel to cut the roots or to half pull out of the ground. At the same time to stop watering. All the tomatoes will turn red in a matter of days, however a little will not gain weight.