If you are the owner of the Android device you can download and install a special program for viewing office files. Launch the Play store app using the shortcut on the desktop or in the main menu of the device.
Once the app store loads, select "Programs" - "Office" or type in the upper left corner of the program search for doc. Among the obtained results, choose the app you like best, guided by the reviews and screenshots to window Play store. Among the utilities of such note OfficeSuite, Documents2Go and Kingston Office.
Install the selected application by pressing the "Set". Wait for the installation procedure. Now to open doc files you can run the selected program. It will automatically scan the file system of the device, and find the saved office documents. Download doc, you can through a computer by connecting the device for operation in the disk drive mode and move the files to a separate folder of the phone.
Apple devices also have the ability to access .doc. This requires using AppStore or iTunes to install a special program-reader. Go to the app store and enter search request doc. In the search results, select the most suitable tool. Among e-readers for iOS it is worth noting Mobile Office Suite and Documents.
Connect your iPhone to computer and start iTunes. In the program window, navigate to installed applications in the list that appears, click on the name of the reader that you have installed. Then transfer the file .doc in the area of the selected utility and then wait for the download to complete. After the necessary files will be thrown, you can disconnect your device and launch the app. The program will automatically scan your phone or tablet for the presence of files and lists them on the screen.