So, it is necessary to list some of the most common programs for reading text format files. One of them is a Book Reader. Download it to read on a mobile phone file extensions, such as doc. This is possible due to the fact that the utility itself converts a source file .txt. It should be noted that this program is good only for reading but not for editing documents. All that will be available to you, is to change line spacing or font.
Program number 2 - Read Maniac, another so-called "reader" (that is, a utility that gives you the opportunity to read documents and not edit them). There are 3 types of programs: ReadManiac Full, ReadManiac Light and ReadManiac Tiny. The first of these is a full version, it can convert document in any format convenient for you. In addition, she will recognize and find on your phone all the appropriate files. The second and third version of the tool available to users on a limited basis. However, their advantage is that they can throw on the phone even with very little memory.
The owners of phones that support jar format, can install the app Doc Viewer. It is easy to use and the installation process will not take much time. This program allows you, as on a personal computer, look for the right word or phrase (the search function is enabled by default).
The following program provides opportunities not only for reading but also for editing text. It's called MjBook. This app is universal, because it works absolutely on all mobile devices that support java. It is not even necessary to install on the phone. Just download the utility and place it in the device memory. Thanks to the convenient interface you'll be able to try all available features of the program MjBook.