To start I would like to note that in the Internet there are many special programs which give the ability to use the IPhone as a ebook and upload to the device the different. DOCfiles of almost any size.
Download from the official website of a program called that allows you to download and read text files. Please note that in the network there are many similar programs, however, as practice shows, most of them malicious.
Download from the same site the detailed instructions on its use, refer to, and then select on the IPhone.
Install file Manager iFantastic if you are using a device with Mac OS or Uglkg if the IPhone is running Windows. These file managers have proven themselves from the best side and today is one of the most popular and practical, designed to upload text documents to the IPhone.
After installation go to file Manager in the following folder /var/root/Media/EBooks. Select the text document you wish to upload.
Save your file by selecting in the settings, UTF-8. Such encoding is necessary in order to subsequently avoid any problems with the display of information in the programs-"reading room".
To upload the text files as you can with your computer using the USB cable supplied with your mobile device and download them directly from the Internet. The usual slider on the phone screen you will not see a signal on the completion of a document load will be fully formed name of the text file in the command line and the disappearance of icons with flashing petals.
After the text file is loaded into memory the IPhone, run on a mobile device, the installed program, select file, read and enjoy.