Almost half of the cell phones produced now are either smartphones or communicators. As a rule, they contain the necessary set of programs, including those that allow you to read files in pdf format. In this case, all you need is to copy the file to your mobile using data cable, infrared port or Bluetooth connection. In the case if it is not, download and install a program for reading pdf. Downloading the installation file, make sure it suits the operating system that is installed on your phone.
If your mobile is not a smartphone or a Communicator, use a java application allowing to read pdf files on your phone, for example, Mobile PDF. Download it by clicking the link, then unzip on the computer and send files to mobile using one of the methods described in step # 1. Then copy the pdf file on your cell and open it with the app Mobile PDF.
Use ABBYY FineReader to convert pdf to txt or doc. Run the program, and then add the pdf file into the program and start the recognition process, after selecting the language of the document and the location of the text in the target file. Upon completion of recognition pass the result into a MS Word document and save it.
With TequillaCat BookReader convert the resulting document into a java application. Select color and font size, and background color, and then start conversion. Copy the files on the cell phone, and then run them. You will be able to read the information contained in the original pdf file.