Use the compatibility pack available from Microsoft, if your computer has an earlier version of Office. This program, weighing in at 37.2 megabytes, which is made available on the server of the Corporation. After downloading and installation, it becomes possible to work with files that have the extensions. docx,. docm, xlsx, pptx to Word, Excel and PowerPoint versions prior to 2007. Direct link to the download page of the compatibility pack on the Microsoft site - The program has a setup wizard that is, after running it you just need to follow the instructions within the app.
Use a test editor, Open Office, if you have it installed. This package is distributed together with most Linux distributions, but versions for Windows also exist. Due to the fact that the Office Open XML format Microsoft is open, Open Office has a built it support. However, opening documents in the. docx format with very complex formatting, you can get the appearance of text, slightly different from the original.
Use online converters on the web as an alternative to the above methods. For example, going to the website click on the big blue button that says Browse in the open dialog, locate in your computer the desired file format . docx and click Open. After you download the file to the server, click on the button that says Convert, wait for the download link and download the resulting conversion of.doc file.