Officeopen control is multilingual and works on various operating systems — Windows, Linux, MacOS X. of Course, for a complete and convenient work with odt files, it is better to use native package. But there are a lot of alternatives. Files with odt format compatible with many text editors.

Free app to open files in odt format

If you have installed the Windows 7 operating system, to open a document in odt format, you can use standard editor WordPad.

Open these files and completely free the utility TextMaker Viewer. It gives the opportunity not only to view the document-odt, but also to print and even convert to a pdf. The latest version is available for download from the official website.

To process the document in odt format, and using the free text editor AbiWord. The program completely integrates into the Windows shell, allows you to format text, check spelling, insert pictures, tables, use styles. The application runs on different operating systems, not demanding and can be installed on any computer.

The odt format is a zip archive. So it can be opened with a zip program, you change the resolution on zip. Inside the archive is a text file content.xml. The resolution of this file must be changed to html and then read the contents of the document in the browser. The formatting will be lost.

Free online services to work with files in odt format

If you have a Google account to work with documents, you can use a free web application Google Docs (Documents Google). Before uploading to Google Docs, click "Settings" and check "Convert uploaded files to Google docs format". Download the appropriate file, and you can read it in the preview window. Using the service you can view and edit the document, and to export it in the format of docx or rtf. And send them for printing. Supported a multiplayer mode.

You can use other free online services to open such files. The simplest of these is the ApplicationFactory that allows you to view the downloaded document and convert it to txt format. And using the service you can convert file odt in doc, docx, pdf and download the converted file to your computer.

Paid word processors that support the odt format

Microsoft Word 2007 installed service pack 2 and all later versions of the editor, able to open and convert files odt without installing plugins. In old versions of apps to work with such documents, you must install the Sun ODF Plugin for MS Office or plugin for converting files to OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-in for Office.

In addition, files odt are supported by word processors such as Corel SoftMaker and Ashampoo. This is a relatively inexpensive program that has all necessary tools for working with documents.