You will need
  • computer;
  • - text editor Microsoft Word;
  • - a text editor "Notepad".
Many people like to spend time reading any books. But reading from the computer is often inconvenient, especially harmful to the eye. It is therefore very useful to learn how to change the formats of text files in order to subsequently send them to the phone or player, then indulge in reading in a more comfortable environment (e.g., lying on the bed).
There are several ways to change the extension documents. The simplest way is to do everything manually without the help of specialized programs. To begin, open your document in Microsoft Word.
Click the tab called "File" and click "Save as". Then enter the name of your document, and then specify the file type. In the proposed options, find the "plain text" and press. In the window that will show the options set (the selection happens automatically), click "OK". Then locate the file that you saved in this way. You will now be able to open it in a text editor "Notepad" and then throw yourself on the phone or player, as your document standard format of "*.txt", which is always opened without special applications.
Data calculations given above can be circumvented. To do this, press simultaneously "Ctrl+A". The entire text is highlighted. Copy it into a blank text document open in Notepad. After performed actions save the document. This file will be the required extension is".txt".