Of course, you can count calories and restrict myself in everything, but it is much more simple way to just limit the starchy, sweet, salty, spicy and fatty. Try not to eat three or four before bedtime. And to do even the simplest physical activity. Just following these principles will allow to get rid of four to seven kilograms in a month. And if you stick to this plan for a long time, you can get rid of twenty pounds in a few months, is that physical activity will have to increase.
Your life will facilitate the habit of eating around the same time, it is better to four times a day. So you will not experience such a strong sense of hunger and feel full on less amount of food.
Drink more water, as it promotes the removal of unnecessary substances from the body. Drink at least five to seven glasses a day of normal drinking water or mineral water.
More walk, sign up for a dance. Squat or twist the Hoop while watching the TV. Move more.
Replace cakes and heavy desserts, fruit salads and jelly, so you won't miss the usual sweet and easier to experiencing separation from him. Sometimes you can not afford fruit ice or frozen berries, it is not as caloric as regular desserts, besides it does not eat in large quantities.
Always eat Breakfast. Breakfast is the main meal. If you normally have Breakfast, energy will be more. In addition, you can do without a small snack, which usually make cookies, candy and tea.