You will need
  • The foods prescribed in the diet
  • The attitude
Day 1.
Start your morning with a glass of water with lemon. This will help to awaken your body before the morning meal.
For Breakfast you need to eat something dairy and low-fat cheese, yogurt, kefir, etc.
In the afternoon the preferences is necessary to give the soup and drink a half Cup of broth (chicken, meat, fish) and eat fruit (Apple, orange, grapefruit).
Dine this day with one Cup of low-fat yogurt.
Day 2.
Again, after you Wake up drink water with lemon.
For Breakfast it is best to take citrus fruits (oranges or grapefruits), but you can replace the apples, and drink tea without sugar or black coffee.
For lunch you must eat half a bowl of soup (1-2 spoons) and half portion of a main dish ( it is desirable that it was low-calorie foods).
Dinner again the yogurt, but no more than 1/2 Cup.
Day 3. One of the most difficult days of your diet.
In the morning you must drink 1/2 Cup of yogurt and eat the fruit of your choice.
In the afternoon allowed to eat any vegetables and yogurt in any quantity.
The dinner will have to be limited to tea without sugar or black coffee.
Day 4.
The Breakfast allowed to eat any dish that you usually eat in the morning. However, follow the portion.
For lunch eat a strip of dark chocolate, soup or main dish(your choice) half of the plate and kefir in any quantity.
This day is better to go without dinner.
Day 5.
For Breakfast eat a grapefruit and drink the juice.
At lunchtime permitted eat a bowl of soup and a salad (just veggies).
For dinner, allowed yogurt, however, you can exclude it.
Day 6. You must drink lots of water before a meal.
For Breakfast drink a half a glass of water with the juice of grapefruit and lemon.
In the afternoon allowed buckwheat (preferably steamed) and not more than 250 g and coffee or tea.
In the evening preference should be given to bran and cereals.
Day 7. Last.
For Breakfast drink a glass of water with juice of grapefruit and lemon.
In the afternoon, as in the previous day, eat buckwheat (not more than 300 g). Allowed to eat one fruit.
This day will have to wait without supper.