To 5 days to get rid of 5 pounds of excess weight need to go on a strict diet. However, the diet, which will be described below, only a healthy and motivated people, as the menu is quite limited, but restrictions are strict.
On the first day of the diet are allowed to eat no more than 250 grams of boiled rice. The quantity of cereals is divided into equal portions and consumed throughout the day. Meals should be 3-5. To cook cereals without salt or any spices.
On the second day, need to eat boiled potatoes – 6 tubers per day. On the third day you can eat up to 1.5 kilogram of apples. On the fourth day are allowed to eat cottage cheese with fat content up to 5% - 1 kilogram. The fifth and last day – drinking. To consume only vegetable and fruit juices. What matters is that their composition was not of salt and sugar.
All 5 days of the diet allowed to drink plain mineral water without gas, green tea and coffee without sweeteners. After the diet should not lash out for food. Products are recommended to add to the diet gradually, giving preference to fruits, vegetables, lean meat, cereals and dairy products with minimal fat content.
As you can see, to lose 5 pounds in 5 days – is quite real. The main thing to have willpower and commitment. But of course, it is better to reduce weight slowly by modifying your diet on the right food, connecting the activities and beauty treatments.