Say "no" to diets. Any diet is a short-term constraints. But man it really works: it extends to everything forbidden. Even if you've never had a sweet tooth, is to go on a diet – and now at night you are plagued by visions of pastries and cakes.
Get used to the idea of long-term weight loss. No, this does not mean that extra pounds you will drop for years to come. You may achieve the desired result after a couple of months. The trick to long-term weight loss – in the absence of prohibitions. And change of lifestyle. To overcome itself and subjected to various psychological and physical torture is not necessary.
Assess the extent of the tragedy. In the morning after using the toilet and before Breakfast, stand on the scale. Write down your weight. Armed with measuring tape and measure the volume. Circumference of hips, waist and chest are the required parameters. To them more desirable to add the circumference of the arm (where the trail from BCG vaccination) and leg circumference (about 7-10 inches below the pelvic bone). These data also record. It often happens that one week, just a few inches out from the waist, and on the other – only about a quarter-inch of the hands and feet. But any result is another step towards a perfect figure.
Take a notebook or create a document on your computer. In the first column of the table you will put the date, the second weight, the third for 7-Oh – volume of parts of the body. Every week mark the change.
Analyze the table. It is also desirable to plot weight loss. Curve, creeping down incredibly motivating and makes you move on. In addition, tracking will help you better understand your body. Some people lose weight slowly, and they curve all the time goes down. The other chart looks like a saw: minus a few pounds or inches, then a small plus, then again, minus. On the chart will be seen as "plateau": periods when the weight stops. This does not mean that you will not lose weight. Just the body paused to regroup, to get used to your new weight.
Find the motivator. If excess weight you have not is personal life, make a collage: a slender girl, fit guy, sea, love, flowers... the Plot can be anything. It is important that it spurred, and every day helped to make a step towards dream. If extra pounds are preventing to conceive a child, always carry the little booties. Just one look at them and you're ready for new feats.
Determine how many kilograms and for what period you would like to reset. As a long-term slimming (but forever) the gap between the current weight and the weight of dreams must be at least 2-3 months. Ideally 5 months. Calculate how much you need to drop every month, week, day. For example, you want to shed as much as 20 pounds. Divide by 5 months. Only 4 kilograms per month 1 kg per week. 142 grams a day! It's not so much, but the result will be stunning.
Weight loss in 5 months is not a diet but a lifestyle change. Review your diet and write down the dishes that you think are the most harmful and fat. To abandon them is not necessary, enough only to use them less often and in smaller quantities. Also, try to find equivalents to your favorite dishes. For example, instead of fried meat, you can try baked in the oven.
Exercise helps the body to get rid of fat, tighten the skin, make you stronger and more resilient. If there is no time at the gym, refrain from using the Elevator, and part of the way to work or after work walk. Compulsory morning run is a myth. Your consciousness will not accept violence: the early climbs, not always in a good mood and well-being, the vagaries of the weather. Select the kind of exercise that you will be pleasant. The closer you are to your goal, the more things you will find for yourself.
Treat yourself to a new hobby. Very often people get better and can't lose weight because you don't know what to do with your free time. The legs themselves go to the fridge, and my hand reaches to that it is possible to chew on while watching a movie or the evening news. Embroider a cross, get your own blog on the Internet, allocate more time to loved ones, start to sew or build, write novel and so on. When you are passionate about something, and to think about the contents of the refrigerator.