You will need
  • - high school diploma;
  • - summary;
  • - the passport.
Critically evaluate their knowledge, skills, abilities and interests. To find work, you will have to compete with other people, many of whom will surpass you in terms of training. But the employer might turn a blind eye to the lack of a University degree, if you are a responsible, hardworking, Executive, well-versed in their chosen field of activity and grasp everything on the fly. Reflect their positive qualities in the summary.
Please contact the local employment service, presenting there the high school diploma. Employment centers have current information on the availability of vacancies that do not require higher or secondary vocational education. Of course, most sentences are not too attractive from the point of view of remuneration. But you can always improve their professional level, passing additional training.
Will receive initial training at one of the most in demand in the labor market specialties. For those who have secondary education, work training courses at the employment Centres or at private educational centres. In a few months you will be able to get a work or technical specialty to learn to work on a personal computer, learn the basics of design and even ways of starting a business. Such training will help you to quickly find a workplace. On completion of the course in many cases it is possible to get directions to a specific business.
Use the information that employers are placed in specialized printed publications, electronic Bulletin boards and labour exchanges. Look for those jobs, which indicate that the education and experience of the applicant is irrelevant. Often employers are not looking for specific expertise, and those who have the necessary personal and professional qualities, and then provide training on the job.
Ask for help to relatives, friends and acquaintances. Inform them that you are in search of work. Ask them to assist in finding employment. Personal recommendations from knowledgeable people often help to get a decent job, even if you don't have the required education.