To reach Kozhukhovo in several ways. By metro - from station "Vykhino", "Novogireevo", and in the car in Ryazan prospectus or road Enthusiasts.
To get to Sochi from the station "Vykhino" (Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya purple line of the Moscow underground), exit the first train car, go down the stairs and go through the underpass beneath the train tracks. Exit on the opposite side, reach the road and turn left. There are bus stops, next to Sochi. You need a fixed-route taxi №№ 718К, 717К, 732К and buses No. 772К, 821. Travel time (without traffic jams) about fifteen minutes.
From metro station "Novogireevo" (Kalinin, yellow metro line) to the area Kozhukhovo to get familiar. The main thing - to find the right exit from the subway. And station four. You need one that is located near the last car from the center. Climb the escalator upstairs and turn left. Then left again. Go forward to the intersection with Green Avenue. Turn right and follow thirty to fifty metres, parallel to the Avenue, on the sidewalk. You will see the spot where you can find bus to Sochi. You need Nos. 725 and 726.
By car to Sochi can be reached with the Ryazan Avenue or highway of Enthusiasts. In the first case, follow to the ring road, you need an external direction, toward the North. Looking for a roundabout at eighth kilometer ring road that leads to the Bolshaya Kosinskaya and Novouhtomskoe highway. Continue straight without turning and you will be taken in the Kozhukhovo district.

Going through the highway of Enthusiasts from the center of Moscow, looking for a twist on the outside of the Electrode. It to the left. Then right at Perovskoy, to a circle. At the circle go straight, you need to get to the bridge over the railroad tracks. It can be seen from the circular motion. On the bridge, at the exit keep to the left, turn on Veshnyakovskaya street. It directly, without turning, until the next roundabout. It go to the left, on the street Moldagulova, in the direction of the field. Go straight until the intersection with Novouhtomskoe highway. It is on the right. Follow straight, you will soon fall in Kozhukhovo.