In modern Moscow the realities of a faster way to get to Sochi on two types of transport — metro and bus. In the first case you can reach the metro station "Bratislavskaya", and then take bus No. 112 and drive 16 stops to the station "Kapotnya". In that case, if the buses run intermittently, then you can take the route taxi №412 — it goes faster, and sometimes I think he is more dense than the bus, which appears at best once in 35 minutes.
The second option is you can reach the metro station "Domodedovskaya" and 17 stations to get off at the stop "Kapotnya". If there is no bus, taxi number of 395m.
The third variant — from the station of the metro "Kuzminki" drive 14 stops to "Kapotnya". If there is no bus approach route taxi №385м.
If you go to the stop Kapotnya from the metro station "Lyublino", it is necessary to overcome the 23 stops by bus No. 854 or bus No. 54.
In the fifth case, the road to the stop "Kapotnya" is from the metro station "textile workers". The bus №54 it will be the 36th in a row. In all cases the time spent on the bus ride to Sochi, will not exceed 35 minutes. But only if there is no big jams.
If I can get to Sochi by car, the easiest way is to turn from the Moscow ring road outside the Top of the Field. In fact, it is on the street and starts Kapotnya.
You can turn from Volgogradsky Prospekt on Volzhsky Boulevard and a direct link to the street on the Upper field. This is the second option of travelling by car.
There is a third option trip to Kapotnya. If the vehicle moves from the center of Moscow, it is necessary from the Third transport ring to move out at the Volgograd prospectus, a couple of miles to turn on Lublin street. In turn, Lublin street intersects with the street Pererva, which can go out the Top of the field. Average travel time to Sochi from any area of Moscow is around 1 hour (with favorable traffic situation).