The bite of a bug can be a small redness on the skin. As a rule, it causes a feeling of irritation and itching. Very often, bites occur in the dark when you are sleeping. Also damage from insects you may not feel. If the skin you find a red bump that itches a little, it could be the bite of a bedbug. It is often possible to obtain during travel and overnight stays in various motels.

When a bite is detected, wash the injury with cool water with addition of soap. Then apply the cream on the skin against itching or an antihistamine. If the bite hurts and starts to stand out greenish, white or yellow mucus, most likely it is infected. Immediately contact your doctor for help.
Flea bites are often found on the lower parts of the ankles and feet. Looks a bite like a red spot. Often it is accompanied by a halo around the damaged area. A number of people at the same time is a slight irritation of the skin, while others have formed strong tumor. Traces of flea bites is very noticeable in a child's skin.
Red ants, bees, hornets, wasps and bees belong to the family of Hymenoptera. Their bites can lead to very serious consequences, especially if a person has a predisposition to allergies. According to the statistics of mortality from bee stings is several times higher than from snake bites, and death occurs because of a sudden allergic reaction.
Red ants, wasps and bees have a particular method, which they defeat. When a bee loses its stinger, causing die. Wasps can inflict multiple defeats. Red ants inject venom using their teeth. They bite through human skin. Poison from glands located on the abdomen, enters the wound. Reaction to bites of insects of the data may be a slight swelling and strong pain sensation that fades over time. If skin has formed, severe irritation, consult a doctor.