This man attracted to a mysterious girl, so no need to go back to Peter in front of the Aquarius. When he will fully examine you and will know your every next step, then lose interest. It is the touch of suspense will keep the Aquarius near you. You do not need to be silent in his presence and afraid to tell about himself. Just always reserves some innuendo.
Because Aquarius itself is a very positive person, he is looking for a girl who is able to really enjoy life. In his presence, try to avoid manifestations of negative emotions. Be cheerful, easy to communicate and easy going. If you see that a man is well with you, try to spend more time together. After all, with a good friend Aquarius can talk for several hours straight. It does not show possessiveness, as soon as the man will feel a restriction of freedom, it will immediately disappear from your environment.
Aquarius doesn't like obsessive women. This man values freedom above all. Instead of openly seduce, start a conversation that will entice him even more than physical intimacy. To win his heart and become a friend for him, a pleasant conversationalist.
Be a real person, a strong woman. Aquarius attracted to girls that are able to defend their opinions. Try to feel when you need to compromise, not dropping his dignity.
Male Aquarians don't like acrimony. When she begins to over-Express your feelings, the man is repellent. He prefers to think that the lady – friend, you can rely on at any time.
Aquarius can not imagine myself alone. It can often be seen with friends, including many women. So, if you want to be with this man, no need to be jealous, scandals and even more so to put the choice. It can solve what you're trying to limit his freedom, and then refuse to have intercourse with you.
To win the Aquarius man is very fast unlikely to succeed. To tie the knot with a woman, he needs to be sure that he and after the wedding she'll be comfortable and easy. So, if you really want to conquer this man, be patient and tie it to itself step by step.