The Aquarius man is very inquisitive, he likes to solve puzzles. Awaken his curiosity, become for him a mysterious puzzle that need to solve. How to do it? You can, for example, to make his eyes illogical actions or Express diverse opinions.
Aquarius man in love is not jealous, so the abundance of fans around you its attention draws. The reaction of others to him is not important – Aquarius will form an opinion about you. Try to interest your Aquarius, shocking him. Even if in the eyes of others then you will look strange, the man is Aquarius, you seem charming.
If you poison yourself cold and indifferent appearance, it does not help to conquer the man of Aquarius, but only scare. Do the opposite: show the man the Aquarius friendliness, but always keep a sense of self-worth. A sincere friendship was very impressed by the Aquarius.
Try to avoid anything that causes the man-Aquarius irritation. For example, try to control, do not restrict his freedom and don't criticize his friends. Even a man in love, Aquarius can lose interest in you if you give him an ultimatum, rejects his friends, or searched the pockets.
Tolerance, and not ridicule the ideals of Aquarius men. Otherwise he will lose respect for you. Be sure to show off your own rich inner world. With Aquarius you can freely discuss on abstract and philosophical subjects, but personal questions are mandatory. It's only to add you in the eyes of Aquarius charm.
Casual sex one night the Aquarius man not interested in intimate relationships it attracts tenderness and romance. And it needs some time. But if you encounter a magical attraction, to fall in love with the man of Aquarius is not difficult. Once you fully mastered his imagination of the Aquarius man will be yours!