Male-Sagittarius and Aquarius woman

The couple's beautiful work. The girl knows how to listen to your partner, she understands it and supports. The representative of this zodiac sign helps her husband in the implementation of any idea. Moreover, if the Aquarius likes the idea of men, she lights up and starts to look for ways of its realization in reality.
Often an idea becomes Sagittarius, and the wife brings the matter to its logical end. If she sees that it is her effort will lead to good profits, Aquarius is ready to work hard.

Both partners love the freedom. They understand that a permanent stay can lead to cooling of the senses. Spouses can be absent for days at home, doing the next incarnation of his ideas, to trust each other and safely treat such situations. Both can be changed, but the partners philosophical about it. The home meeting then will be more passionate and romantic.

A girl and Aquarius man-Sagittarius often mutual friends who are going home the couple and have fun. These kind of events spouses are not bored, they are more afraid of life and routine.

A female Sagittarius and a male Aquarius

Also this pair has high compatibility. But it is likely that restless Aquarius will be inclined to treachery. If my wife knew about such pohuliganit, she with a clear conscience, too, will find a vent on the side. But this situation is not very frustrating couple. Periodic trips to the left of spouses even kindle.

After another showdown and tearful reconciliation, they have passion within a pair of two to three weeks. At this time they think that their partner is the best, and betrayal will never happen again. But gradually both get bored, and if they don't do the next exciting thing, just go look for new experiences on the side. To such situations have occurred as little as possible, the Archer should always have ready a couple of exciting ideas for joint pastime.
The woman should be more active in this pair. Aquarius is lazy, it is easier to find a new lady for a novel than to come up with a good idea for spending time with family.

With age, both partners become more domestic. If they are addicted to sports, their outlet becomes a family trip to the lake on the rink or on the ski base. This couple even in old age tries to diversify their leisure.