Get transport. The easiest way to get to Bakhchisarai to come here on the highway. If you travel from outside of Crimea, it is necessary to focus on the road E-105 from Melitopol or E-97 from the side of Kherson. From the heart of Crimea, cities of Simferopol, you need to go on the road НО6.

Private transport from Simferopol can be reached within 20 minutes. The bus is about 30 minutes from the West bus station. It is worth noting that from Yalta to Bakhchisarai regular posts there. Therefore, can only be reached by private vehicles. In addition to buses to the city run taxi. Long-distance transport stops at the bus station, located about 2 km from the city centre.
Use rail. To get to Bakhchisarai possible by rail. If you get from outside the Crimean Autonomous Republic, then initially you should get to Simferopol. If the route you are lucky, you can get to the train station. The train goes from Simferopol, about 40 minutes. Suburban train overcomes the same distance in 1 hour.
Go to Yalta by plane. In the city the airport is missing, however, nothing prevents you to reach by air to Simferopol. From there you can get to Bakhchisarai the above ways. If you have a long journey and I want to come to warmer climes as quickly as possible, the aircraft will be the most viable option.
Visit to Bakhchisarai via Maritime transport. Again it should be clarified that the city is not a port. Therefore in any case have to be done on the vehicles or on the trains. However, to completely eliminate this kind of movement is not necessary. There is something romantic to travel by sea.

Sea transport to get to Evpatoria, Sevastopol, Yalta, Feodosia and Kerch. The most preferred item in our case - Sevastopol. Thence along above the highway НО6 you can go directly to Bakhchisarai (30 km). In other cases it is necessary initially to come to Sevastopol or Simferopol. From there to get to Bakhchisarai.