Why is a cold sore on the lip

The cold sore in the lips caused by the herpes virus. He lives in the body of an infected person is constantly waiting for just the decline of immunity, to declare itself. Causes symptoms of herpes on the lips: hypothermia; stress, lack of sleep, overwork; diseases that suppress the immune system (influenza, HIV), menstruation in women; trauma in the mouth; contact with patients with herpes person.


It is worth remembering that herpes is a viral disease. You can infect another person even when kissing. So if I popped a cold, it is necessary to observe the following precautions. The bubbles on the lips can puncture and pick open, it is not necessary to pull out and the resulting sores as there may be a deeper penetration of the virus or get it to a healthy place (in the nasal mucosa or eyes). During illness we can't forget about hygiene – use only separate mug and spoon, wiped with a towel.

Treatment of the common cold on the lip

At the first sign of appearance of cold you have to handle painful areas antiviral ointment. For example, in one of the following drugs: "Acyclovir", "Zovirax", "Panavir-gel", "Vivorx". The ointment acts immediately in two directions: struggling with a virus and creates a protective sheath on the site of the appearance of cold, which prevents the spread of the virus throughout the body and reduces the risk of transmitting it to others.

The formed crust in between application of the ointment must be processed for easing. With this, you can use hydrogen peroxide, sea buckthorn oil or a greasy cream. For quick recovery it is necessary to avoid hypothermia, keep the immune system: take vitamins, drink juices, fruit drinks, herbal teas. In the case of increasing temperature and if the cold is appears frequently, it is better to consult a doctor. In severe forms of herpes given oral antiviral drug in the form of tablets inside.

Recipes of traditional medicine

You can use a folk remedy against colds on the lips. Garlic juice is a natural antiviral medicine. For use it you need to chop a few cloves of garlic, add a teaspoon of honey and mix well. Applying the resulting mixture to the place of occurrence of the common cold.

The plant juices of Kalanchoe and aloe. Take a leaf and spread run on the stress fracture juice herpes damaged area. It will promote rapid healing of sores.

Fir oil. At the first signs of a cold on the lips you can start to treat lip this tool. Then bubbles will be significantly less or are altogether invisible.