If the speed dial is not activated or when you click on "new tab" or by pressing the hot keys CTRL + T, then it can only be restored using the "configuration Editor". Through it you can get access to edit all the settings of the browser including the ones that are not made by the manufacturers in the General settings available to the user in the usual ways. To start this editor you need to create a blank tab (CTRL + T) and type in address bar opera:config. You can not print, and copy it (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) and then press the Enter key. The browser loads this blank page editor interface settings Opera.
Desired setting with the name of the Speed Dial State is placed in a section named User Prefs. To look for it "manually" too tedious - there are hundreds of settings. It is better to use the built-in editor with search function. Copy the data set name above and paste it into the field labeled "Find" - this will be enough to press anything extra is not necessary. The editor will open the field for changes in this installation.
The speed dial will work in the usual way, if you set the value equal to one. Disables the panel setting of zero value. In addition, there are two options for displaying the information about them is contained in the pop-up socket, which can be seen by clicking on the question icon.
To commit a new value to a variable, click "Save".