You will need
  • •Several computers with installed Opera browser
To migrate your settings from your home PC to work, or even on a mobile phone Opera Mini (synchronization), you will need to register a personal account Opera. It is required to use the Opera Link service, which provides data transfer.
Please go to <url> and in the upper right corner, select the link "Registration". On the opened page, enter the preferred username, email and password. Take responsibility for the choice of password hacking an attacker will gain access not only to your settings, but the bookmarks, history of visited sites and other personal information. After registration to the specified mailbox will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Click on this link.
Launch the Opera browser on your main computer, that is, from which you will migrate the settings. Click in the top left corner button with the program's logo to open a popup menu with settings. If you do not have this button, you are using a very old version of Opera, you should update it. Put the cursor to the item "Synchronize Opera" (Opera Synchronize) and select "Enable sync" (synchronization Enable). Alternatively, you can click on the icon of the service Opera Link with cloud in bottom status bar of the browser and select "Enable synchronization".
In the opened window authentication, enter the username and password you just registered. In the window that appears, highlight "Enable Opera Link" Enable Opera Link and select what information you want to synchronize. In addition to transfer such as settings, you can also do this with bookmarks and notes. Click "Next". Wait a few minutes and close the Opera on this computer.
Open Opera on the other computer where you wish to transfer the settings. This can be done anytime. That is, the previous step you can make a day at work, and the current in the evening, at home. Re-enable sync and enter your account details as described in step 3. After selecting the necessary to transfer your information and click "Next" wait for 1-2 minutes. Now your settings are synchronized.