Browser "Opera", so popular among Internet users, often after active use becomes unbootable. This releases several different problems: does not load any one page on the network, do not load only a single page, the browser is not included at all (gives an error). Every problem has its solution.

Does not load the page

If Opera stopped loading all pages, instead you see only a white background and nothing else, then most likely the cache is already full. The cache is a single folder on the computer where the browser saves temporary files. When they accumulated a lot, and a large part is not used, the browser just stops working. To restore the Opera, you need to clear the cache. Make it simple: go to the local drive where you installed the browser. Locate the folder named Mozilla (the default path looks like this: C:\Users\Имя user/AppData/Roaming/ and delete it. After that, restart your computer, turn on the browser and test work.

If Opera stopped loading only certain pages (e.g. social networks), you can try and cache clean, and change your browser settings. To do this, enter the "Advanced" menu, "Opera", tab "content". Check the list of blocked pages you are looking for. If so, give them access to work. Sometimes some links do not load in Opera because of the anti-virus or Firewall does not let them, seeing hidden dangers. Check antivirus settings in this case, manually access the blocked sites if you are confident in their safety.

If all the above steps do not help, but Opera never loads the page, clean system from errors and temporary files special software (for example Ccleaner, Auslogic Boostspeed or TuneUp). After cleaning, remove the browser and reinstall.

Not included Opera, it gives an error

If the browser does not work, always gives an error (for example, Opera is still closing), then most likely the browser was previously closed to you, but the process of his work left in the system. It is to be forced to finish to the browser is now available to you. Go to the task Manager, tab "processes". Look for the file there with the name opera.exe. If he is, then stop its work. Then try again to launch the "Opera".

If the browser does not work after clearing the cache or reinstalling, makes sense, check the system for viruses with different antivirus programs and therapeutic utilities. It is possible that your computer is infected with malware that slow down the work "Opera", and in the future will mess up the whole system.