Most often, the average wage is calculated based on the income received by the employee in the last 12 months. Thus, to calculate the average salary cost, add up all the payments received from the employer for 12 months. They must have different bonuses and allowances, if any. But sick leave and holiday pay is based should be deleted.
Locate the factory calendar for the last period. Calculate the amount you actually spent days over the last 12 months. It is quite possible they could be different from the official working days and also consist of common holidays.
Divide the salary amount by the number of days worked. The result will be your average daily earnings for the last period. If you need the average-earnings calculation for the month, multiply the daily wage by the number of working days in a specific month.
If you want to calculate the average salary cost for the authorities, provide accurate information and conduct accounting estimates, please refer to the Regulation "On the procedure for calculating the average wage, approved by the RF Government. It described in detail the method of calculation of the average wage in all possible cases with the following features:• Payments are not considered when calculating
• Average daily earnings for vacation
• Calculation of calendar days in a month spent
• Summarized recording of working time
• Accounting awards
• Procedure of calculation of average earnings at higher wage rates or salaries
• Shift method of work
• Holidays