Sit on a chair or a pillow on the floor, straighten your back, pull your shoulders back.
Put left palm on right, thumbs press each other pads. Put your hands in the center of the body at heart level. Focus your attention on the big toes, feel through them the heartbeat. Within 5 minutes stay in this position, keep your concentration.
In the same sequence, place your hands on his chest and close your eyes. Feel the heat of energy located in your chest under the arms. The power of imagination give it shades of green (e.g. emerald), turn it into light. Feel that energy coming from your heart, passes through the body and returns to the heart. Keep this state until you will be pleased or at least as long as I can.
Arms out to sides, imagine that the energy of the heart chakra is painted in emerald hues, flows from your fingertips and fills the Universe. Let this energy, this light will absorb the compassion and love that are in the Universe, and put them to you in heart. The heart chakra at this point, if you're doing it right and from the heart, should open.