A heartthat is closed, don't miss love and I do not see the world and people do wonderful and worthy of attention. But to cure this condition can only love. Love in its most comprehensive meaning. It heals and opens human eyes to everything that was previously hidden and inaccessible.
Start to understand, why your heart is not open. It is most often associated with a past negative experience, when a person is met with pain, betrayal, disappointment. Resentment was so great that the only protection was the closure of all human beings. Remember the reason why this happened to you.
Now forgive those who made you suffer. Give yourself a chance to live and be impregnated by the rays of the sun of joy. Refuse death, being in a healthy physical body. Tell yourself that you want to free your heart from chains of past grievances.
Write on a sheet of paper what you would like to receive from the love that would heal, upgrade or make more intense. Let this list will contain the desires of every sphere, both spiritual and practical.
Now, giving the job his soul, start to open your heart to a specific action. When you feel love for someone or something, don't close yourself from it and try to touch her. Turn around to face her and observe. There is nothing wrong, just need to step over the initial fear.
Always be honest with yourself and listen to your heart. If it tells you to do so, you should not turn your head filled with false judgments and fears, and to give up something. Love and accept the truth for what it is.
As long as you can stay open. For example, you are in the company of friends, and at some point you become uncomfortable, you feel the flow of your energy stopped, you want to shut up and leave the place. Don't go, please stay. Try to be around people, even if you become not a participant but an observer. Do not run into yourself, allow your heart to go back and open up. After a time you will feel pleasant ease, and therefore closer to the feeling of freedom and openness.