By law, the person who issued the warrant, may at any time cancel it. This desire does not need to argue – is in itself already a sufficient basis for termination of power of attorney.
In order to revoke a power of attorney, you need to go to the notary, who assured her, and write a statement about the cancellation of power of attorney. In addition, at your request, the notary can officially notify your representative (that is, the former Trustee) that its powers are stopped. The statement you bring it to the attention of the representative about the cancellation of power of attorney issued in his name, and ask to immediately return the authorisation to the notary or to you personally.
You can notify the person who was issued the power of attorney for her opinion in other ways, for example by sending him a registered letter with the investment inventory. After receiving the news of the termination of a power of attorney, he must return it to you.
In addition, if the power of attorney you should inform those organizations that were "addressed" the power of attorney. For example, if we are talking about a power of attorney on the car, then you need to take a copy of the application to the Department of traffic police where the car is registered.