Decide the type of bonus and the number of employees who will receive the award. This will depend on the form of the order. If we are talking about the regular bonuses (monthly, quarterly, annual), is of the order should establish the regulations on bonus payments. If employees will be paid a one-time bonus, you need to make an order in the form approved by the resolution of Goskomstat dated 05.01.2004.
Use of writing about awarding one employee a form T - 11. On official letterhead with details write the order on the promotion of worker: Ivan Ivanov (personnel number, if available) working in the post of welder in shop No. 1 award in connection with the anniversary award in the amount of 1000 rubles (the other option - in the amount of 50% of the salary).
Take, for awarding two or more employees a sample form of the order T-11. It is a table to enter the names and job titles of all awarded. If the bonus amount is different for all, the additional cell in the table shall be entered in figures and words amount or percentage of wages.
Specify the basis for the bonus. As a rule, this view to the promotion of an employee (employees), which previously served in the personnel Department head of the Department and where he wrote a short feature on the man a medal, his record. Also, the base may serve as a Memorandum or written motion.
At the bottom of the order should stand the name and position of the Director. It also must contain the column "order aware", which will need to sign awarded to the employee. If an order is specified to a few people, then this graph is inserted as additional cells in the table.
Upstairs order a printed hand-select the document number and the date of its publication. Also personally should be done painting the head of the company and its decoding (surname and initials).