Before the decision on punishment, in accordance with article 193 of the labor code, within two working days after the day of Commission of the offense, the employee must provide a letter of explanation. Require it and give the man a chance to tell if he had really good reasons why there was a disciplinary violation. If the employee's explanation did not satisfy the employer, you need to write the order on punishment.
The order is issued in accordance with GOST R 6.30-2003 regulating documents. Write it on a standard sheet of A4 paper. At the top of the sheet enter the full name of the enterprise, through the two indented print in the middle of the word "Order," below, left date, right border, the registration number of the order. Line below to enter the name of the order with the mention of the punishment and the names of the guilty employee.
In the first part of the document describe the essence of what happened. Here you can refer to those existing at the moment of punishment, which were already issued orders before. In addition to describing the misconduct, specify, what are the consequences of this violation or what they could be. Refer to the paragraphs of the job description or collective bargaining agreement that were violated by the employee.
Write about what is presented by the employee explanations do not justify his crime will not prove his innocence, therefore, are not grounds for exemption from punishment.
With reference to article 192 and 193 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation, when written in the middle line, the words "Order:", specify the form of punishment that will follow a disciplinary offence.
Assign service which will monitor its implementation in terms of their business and describe the actions of the leaders of these services – chief accountant and head of HR – to ensure the punishment. Assign officer, to be responsible overall control of the execution of this order.
In the last part of the list of documents-bases, confirming the Commission of the offence, information about the magnitude of the damage.
Sign the form on behalf of the Director. You can coordinate it with the head of the legal Department.