Place your order for a formal reception. Here, specify the name of the customer, the date of negotiations. This order may appoint the person responsible for the design of the invitations, as well as coordinate the date and venue of the event with the counterparty.
The airport list of those individuals who will plan activities, report on the results of the vote. Be sure to specify the terms of delivery of documents to the accounting Department.
List in order those individuals who will participate in an Executive event. Familiarize yourself with the order all persons who must sign and date the review.
Make a plan-program of official reception. Here specify the purpose of the event (for example, to execute the negotiations with the counterparty and following the transaction date), place and date of the event. Also, provide a list of those people who take part in this reception.
If possible, ask the invited partners a list of participating entities. This is to ensure that you could pre-calculate the amount of hospitality expenses. Coordinating the list of participants and the venue of the reception, discuss the date. If necessary, make a list of activities. For example, airport pick – 8.00 am; arrival at the restaurant 09.00-09.30; presentation 09.30-11.00, etc.
Make cost estimates. Here specify the name of cost and maximum amount. For example, transport service – $ 2000; a formal dinner – 10000 R.; catering services – 3500 R. At the end summarize.
By results of carrying out Executive activities report. Here again enter the place and date of the event goal. List of participants and activities undertaken. Highlight the results and calculate the total cost.