You will need
  • certificates
  • - diplomas,
  • - cups, etc.
  • - a soundtrack for the performance.
The contest "student of the year" is usually performed in three stages: preliminary, and final creative. At the preliminary stage of the competition, selected students with an average score in the first half of the year from 4.5 to 5, the participants of various competitions, contests and sports competitions. For the second, creative phase of the competition, applicants prepare creative projects and numbers of Amateur. The jury evaluates them and selects 5-6 participants for the final test. For the final, or the final stage, the contenders for the title of "student of the year" prepare the card. It should contain comprehensive information about a student.
To prepare business cards collect all tangible evidence of the achievements of the student in the current academic year: diplomas, medals, diplomas, cups, etc. Separately it is necessary to write down personal achievements such as learn to swim, won the first place on the run.
To work on a business card should attract more participants: parents of the student, his friends and classmates. This is sure to be credited in favor of the student. The very business card is best written in verse form or to alter the lyrics of a famous song. Better if the card will be in comic form. But we should not forget that a jury should learn about the achievements of the candidate for the title of "student of the year". Certificates, diplomas and other tangible evidence of his victories during a performance should be shown to his friends.
In addition to a business card, at the final stage of the contest "student of the year" candidate for this honorary title will require all his knowledge, wit and ingenuity. After the business card, there is usually a time of competitions in which checks and knowledge of the curriculum, and etiquette, and the ability to quickly and resourceful to find solutions in unusual situations. To successfully pass this test is to get acquainted with such tasks in the past years.
Carefully prepared for the competition "Pupil of year", you and your student certainly will successfully cope with this challenge.