How to participate

To participate in the program "School repair" there are a number of conditions. Apartment of the future participant must be only in Moscow and within the Moscow ring road. Production and construction group physically does not have time to travel around the country to alter the room to remove the transmission and give it on the air. Also area of the dwelling shall be not less than 70 sq. km, Such a large area necessary for placement of her materials, props, equipment and people. It is desirable that the house was located freight Elevator.

Before applying for participation it is necessary to clarify the total area and the area of the room or kitchen where renovations are planned. Should prepare high-quality photos of families and flats, as well as shoot video. Video you can shoot on a camera phone or digital camera. The applicant must stand in the middle of the room to introduce themselves and to talk briefly about the room, its the nuances and little to characterize the future design of the room. The video should last no longer than three minutes.

After preparation of the necessary materials you need to go to the shows website and click on the "Application for participation in the program, the School of repair". You must correctly fill in the name, age and profession of all persons living in the apartment, specify contact phone numbers, e-mail, metro, floor, Elevator type, number of rooms and total area. You also need to upload family photos and videos. The application is considered from two weeks to a month. If suitable, employees transfer back and invited for an interview of the owners.

General information

Repairs in the room lasts about a week, although it is stated that its duration is 72 hours. The filming of the program involved directly with the landlord. In collaboration with renowned architects, decorators and designers, participants of "School of repair" do redecorating a room, decorating them with comfortable and stylish items.

Assistants to the superintendent are Yulia Egorova and Sergey Shubenkov. Long time sponsors of the telecasts are the Swedish company IKEA and interior doors Sofia. In addition, through the official website of the program you can apply to designers and architects for cooperation.

It should be noted that for participants in the program repairs and furniture are available for free. Old furniture is not thrown, and leave the owners or decorate.