You will need
  • - a sheet of paper,
  • pencil,
  • - rich cream.
If you look closely at their legs and shoes, then it is possible to visually determine the presence of flatfoot. Shoes and feet people with flat feet are absolutely not as healthy. Such a stop can not be called just cute, she kind of squished and overly expanded in the middle, and also stop longer than usual. The shoes with the inner part of the soles ruthlessly suppressed. Gait in people with flat feet are unusual, they seem to waddle from one foot to the second, while throwing the socks aside.
To establish an accurate diagnosis and the degree of flat feet by using x-rays, the forefoot in this case are doing in the standing position. Side pictures can show which bones are to blame for the fact that the longitudinal arch of the foot has become flat, and why the bone head positioned wrong. In this case, can not do without proper treatment, this includes a set of exercises, foot care and massage. All of these treatments must be prescribed by a doctor.
Guide for home small experiment. Take a clean sheet of paper and place them on a completely flat and hard surface. Lubricate feet with petroleum jelly or any oily cream and stand on a sheet of paper. Now you can trace the oil obtained outline in pencil. Draw a line with a ruler, starting from the end of the thumb and ending with the end of the heel. In the narrowest area of the foot perpendicular to the guide line. If the width of the foot in your case is more than half its length, then it is safe to say, then you have flat feet. If the narrow part of the foot takes no more than one third of the length of your legs is normal.
There are also other signs that indicate the presence of flat feet:

- in the first stage of the disease feet ache after physical stress;
- by the evening the feet become swollen and tired;
- in the second stage of flatfoot pain begins to cover the entire leg to the knee joint;
- in the third stage, starts to hurt back, and walking becomes a true torture. While leg pain can be combined with strong and persistent headaches;
- have to buy shoes one size bigger, the leg seemed to have grown;
- heels on old shoes with worn out inner side.