The mainstay of treatment involves exercises to strengthen the arch of the foot. Flat feet, it is a dysfunction or partial atrophy of muscles of the foot, so the main task is to pump this muscle. The complex of exercises suitable for both children and adults. Of course, your running form should be treated under the supervision of a physician and following his recommendations. For the General case there are several quite simple techniques.

The first method is swimming. Preferred style – Krol, it provides the necessary for training the movement of the foot. If your child is still small, and it is difficult to learn the style, then let's just floundering in the pool. Try to teach him the correct style, will train.

The second method is the gym and regular exercise. Exercises should become a habit, it is better to do it in the morning. Note that children and adults with flat feet do not have to perform a hasty exercises that can only increase the load on the foot and to injure her even more. A set of exercises is simple:

1. Sit in a chair, left foot set on a Shin of the right leg and begin to move the foot at the rounded foot.

2. Sit in a chair, legs stretched in front of him. Then start to twist the foot inwards. Do five circular motions, and let your feet rest, then continue.

3. Sit on a chair, legs lift in front of you and start to curl my toes. Try to keep the foot inside and then turn it back. This allows you to cause a reduction of the necessary muscles.

4. Sit in a chair, on the floor lay pencils or balls of small diameter. Then start to pick up items.

The third method is the choice of the right shoes. You may be surprised at this fact, but in half of the cases, it is poor quality shoes spoil the feet of children in the early stages of growth. Therefore, the shoes should be chosen correctly. The following recommendations, under the heel needs to be soft material that will absorb while walking. The toe should not cramp the toes. But most importantly, this elastic arch support. The arch support must support the foot, but not harshly.

If you connect all three methods to treat flat feet work easier and faster.