There are other signs: men with low levels of testosterone rarely bald often suffer from reduced potency, libido, depression and increased irritability. They have worsening memory and reduced mental abilities. Even if you notice most of the above symptoms - do not self-medicate. Even on these grounds it is impossible to independently put a diagnosis. It is necessary to refer to the endocrinologist and to hand over the analysis on a hormone testosterone.The townsfolk used to think that testosterone is only for men. Yes, it is a male sex hormone, but its production takes place in different proportions, but in the body of both men and women. In men, the normal level of testosterone is considered to be 6-8 mg (10-30 nmol/l) in women this figure is much lower.If the endocrinologist has diagnosed you deficiency of testosterone is it will give all the necessary recommendations. If deficiency of testosterone is critical, then prescribe injections of testosterone.
Testosterone is the main male sex hormone
Never without the advice of a doctor not prescribe themselves this drug. The big danger is that the drug is freely sold at online stores to bodybuilders. It is proved that the excessive level of testosterone, although and helps muscle mass, but it kills brain cells, makes men aggressive, violent and even suicidal. An overabundance of this hormone often leads to divorce and breakups of relationships with women, than the lack of it. Men stop being gentle and affectionate with your loved ones, start to show aggression to a woman, cease to share their thoughts and feelings. And yet they are dramatically different.
Excess <strong>testosterone</strong>
Nemedikamentozhnykh methods of increasing the level of testosterone in the male body reduced to banal. First, it is calm in the family and at work, because stress reduces the level of this male hormone.Second, a proper diet (absolutely can not starve and sit on strict diets), vitamins, drugs to enhance immunity, as any physical ailment entails a reduction in testosterone. To increase the level of testosterone also affects a sufficient level of zinc in food. And it's a whole grain bread, fish and other seafood, green salad, green apples, citrus fruits, mineral water. Quite a lot of zinc in rabbit meat and chicken, nuts, peas, beans, lentils. A lot of it in wheat bran, sprouted beans, the wheat, seeds of pumpkin and sunflower.It is also important to the body in sufficient quantity got vitamin b, but the nature of this plan ordered the a few foods rich in zinc are also rich in b vitamins.
Zinc in food