You will need
  • - wooden mounting plate 20×40;
  • - anchors the "quick installation" 6×60;
  • - impact drill;
  • - drill the tree with a diameter of 6 mm;
  • - pobeditovye drill for drills with a diameter of 6 mm;
  • - drill with a diameter of 3 mm;
  • - screws 3×35;
  • - wood saw.
Attach to the wall in a vertical position with dowels "quick installation" wood mounting bracket. To do this, first drill holes in the bracket with a drill of 6 mm diameter. drill the Holes at a distance of 600 mm from each other. Attach the bar to the wall. Through the drilled holes punch percussion drill with pobeditovym a drill hole in the wall to a depth of 70 mm from the outer plane of the mounting strip.
Punch one hole in the wall approximately in the middle of the mounting bracket. Attach the "quick installation" mounting the bar in this place to the wall. Align the bar vertically. Secure it completely. In the same way fasten the other strap. The distance between them make equal to 400 – 600 mm horizontally.
Mounting boards simulate the beam start from the extreme lower point of the wall. Put a horizontal Board with groove up. Opposite the mounting straps drill it one drill hole with a diameter of 3 mm. drill Holes in the inner guide groove at an angle of 25 – 30 degrees from the horizon tilting to the side boards so that tightening the screw pushed the Board down. These holes will prevent splitting the Board at the time of their attachment.
Press the Board to the mounting bar and fasten with screws 3×35 mm. bottom Board simulate a beam mount like the top (groove) and bottom (the spike). The bottom screws will later be closed by a plinth.
The groove of the next Board insert the spike of the previous one. Drill a hole 3 mm in the inner ledge of the groove. Attach the Board to the bracket with one screw 3×35 mm. Drill the remaining holes in the Board. Attach it with screws to the wall mounting plate completely. So sew up an entire wall.
Please note! If the boards are edged all walls of a room or premises, installation of the Board make horizontal "rings", sheathing boards, at one time the whole horizontal row on all walls of the room in a circle. In this case, joining the ranks of the corners of the room would be ideal.