Before you cut the springs on the VAZ, you need to think about the consequences. The spring stiffness is inversely proportional to the number of active coils. Circumcision turns you will change not only the deformation of the spring, but also its length. When shortening the springs on one turn length is reduced by one step revolution — and exchanged them for 48.22 mm, with two threads, respectively, on 96,44 mm When the free length of the spring 434 mm you will get the total length for standard springs — 294,427 mm to be clipped on a round — 260,164 mm two turns — 255,901 mm. from the change of the number of turns of the stiffness of the system increases in proportion to their removal.
Shortening the spring on two turns, you will increase its stiffness by 33% and reduce its length under a load of 13%. While the ground clearance is reduced by 40%.
Shortening the spring, do not count on a comparable resource with a standard spring because of the increased stress on the remaining coils. Do not shorten also used the springs, but better buy a new one.
The trimmed end of the spring rely on a Cup lower control arm front suspension, axle — rear suspension, but in any case not rely into the Cup body. If that happens, change the lever or digest a Cup is much easier than repairing the body.
In standard shock absorbers quietly cut the rear spring on a single turn. Of course, a small preload will be, but the spring does not fall out when the wheel is fully posted. If you cut more or make the springs shorter, then look for a shock with a shorter stem or move it below the mount using the appropriate bracket.
Cutting the spring, remember that the step of winding it to the end is reduced forming area for bearing. Cutting the coils, you will reduce this area and increase the stress on the Cup. To ensure uniform bearing clipped the springs on the Cup, let go of the last round. To do this, heat it to 600 degrees and let cool on the air. This procedure perform a gas burner to heat up only one end of the spring. Be very careful as it is likely to damage parts.