You will need
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - blowtorch;
  • tools;
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - set low struts and springs.
Find a place where you can do the repair and improvement of the car. The ideal solution is to do all the procedures in the garage. If you don't have one, ask at the nearest service or the sink to put the car on my lunch break. This time you will only need to understate your suspension priors.
Thoroughly wash the car. A blast of jet wash from the wheel arches all Packed dirt.
Place the vehicle on the Jack. If possible, it is better to raise the car on the lift. This will accelerate the process and also will provide an opportunity to simultaneously examine the exhaust system and other units of the car, under the bottom.
Remove the wheels from the car. To do this, disconnect the caps, if they exist. Carefully Unscrew all the nuts holding the disc and the hub. Then grasp the wheel and pull it toward you.
Inspect the struts and springs of your priors. If your model has a "barrel" springs, then cutting them is not recommended, because it greatly shortened the spring may simply not get into the glass. If you do decide to shorten the strings, then you need to cut equal amounts from each side.
Remove rack, carefully unscrewing the bolts of its fastening. After that, remove the spring. Measure the length you want to cut. Visit the forum owners Prior, there you can find estimates about how many coils to cut to get the desired height of the suspension.
It should be remembered that the understatement of more than five centimeters is fraught with consequences, for example, the imbalance of the suspension.
Heat the spring with a blowtorch. Heat should be in the place where you will cut. Take a grinder and cut the intended portion of the spring. Then install the spring and back suspension. Cut the same length on the rest of the springs.
If you don't want to risk it, get a set of lowered springs and struts. Install them to replace the old.
Contact the nearest service, if you don't want to deal with lowering yourself.