Remember that any mom, even the most strict and demanding, like a gesture, like sending a card or flowers. If you sign a card yourself, show all your creativity and ingenuity, the mother of your friend will be happy.
If you still want to present flowers as a gift, a present they need to be very original. You can, for example, make a bouquet of flowers of different varieties. The mother, in any case, it would be nice, as her house will appear bright, fragrant bouquet that will delight the eyes and warm the soul.
Some resourceful young people are doing the whole newspaper. Worse than you? You too can show all your skills and create a unique masterpiece that is mother of your girl will show everyone and brag about such an unusual gift. You can make a newspaper with a very important hint: don't be a mother, you would never have met such wonderful, charismatic and charming girl. It is for you as the angel that gave you the miracle of your mate.
You can make a beautiful collage with photos of your girl and her mom and engrave it on a luxury watch. This way you will be able to show that there are two people who love you with all my heart, I respect and will protect until the end of his days.
Your imagination will know no limits while you are Jogging to the shops in search of the most original and memorable gift for mom to your girls. The most important thing is to leave a good impression and show that you are very serious, responsible and attentive person. If you care about the gift, it would seem, is still a stranger, you will be able to demonstrate due care in relation to my girlfriend.
Pick up nice greeting in the form of a poem.