Every music and entertainment radio station, typically there is an hour of greetings and congratulations. If the birthday boy is a fan of a particular radio, simply listen to this station throughout the day and find out the exact time when you should prepare to congratulate. Importantly, at this point, the celebrant has also been found in the radio. Dial in live (phone radio repeat quite often) and voice his congratulations. Be sure to prepare in advance, cook a few telephones, set the function dial to have to get on the air to the desired day and hour. Also have in advance to write light humorous text or serious solemn poems. Live correctly say the surname and name of the birthday boy and order his favorite song, the name of which in advance have him out.
The service "Congratulation in the air" available on many radio stations and via sending SMS to short three - or ceremnony room. As a rule, for the sending will be charged from the subscriber, but if you call in live, unreal, the amount of the message seems not so high (usually 30 to 100 p.). Especially if the birthday boy is warned and looking forward to his portion of fame at the receiver. Local entertainment regional radio stations, as a rule, send greeting SMS, no extra charge (will be removed the fee for sending a regular message to another subscriber).
Almost all, including the local radio stations on the Internet you have your own website. Usually the site provides a page receiving congratulations. Pre-study website and, if there is such a function on the submission page, send advance congratulations to your birthday, indicating the desired date sound it into the air. Make sure that you have correctly written the name of the birthday boy and pointed out his favorite song.
During the broadcast on major radio stations accept greeting messages in other interactive ways. For example, through ICQ, a chat or a forum on the website of radio. However, the probability that the message flow is your be read on the air. And very minimal chance to hear the requested song.
Finally, many radio stations still take requests for greetings in a familiar way – through the mail. To make such a request in advance for a month to write a letter, send it to the right address on the envelope to indicate the category and the purpose of the letter, so it is not accidentally lost. However, in place of such options have long come alternative methods, in particular, emails that reach a lot faster and require less hassle. However, previously will still have to make sure you have the correct email address of the selected station and that the leading of this radio read live this kind of written greetings.