You will need
  • - Whatman,
  • - paint
  • photography.
Discuss your greetings brothers and sisters, if you have them. It is necessary that the idea was welcomed by every member of the family, then everything will look very moving and natural. Regardless of where you plan to spend the holiday, as a gift can greeting choose posters. Draw them yourself or ask someone who knows how to draw. On the posters, write declarations of love to his mother. You can add pictures and write little quatrains about your family. This gift will adorn the walls during the festival, and after my mom probably will keep it as a memory of this day.
Think, how will this holiday. Most likely, the holiday will be scheduled for the evening. Congratulate mom in the morning on the phone to her for the whole day up. Send a message to the phone during the day, so mom knew about it. So it will still maintain the festive mood of the evening.
Mount the video, which can include during the holiday. Let visuals with photos of your family background, let him play a good song about mom. Such a lot of songs, choose the one that best suits you. Such a surprise will surely touch your mom.
Prepare a congratulatory speech. Do not read poems with cards, not to say standard phrases. During the greeting, imagine that you are with mom alone. Tell her what you feel, confess your endless love to her. Because often we don't say the important words dearest, postponing it for later. Most importantly - be attentive to the mother, but not only in holiday, but in any other day. Take care of her, because she didn't really want them original gifts and surprises. The main thing that you were there.