Write a song. Do not have to have the talent of the composer and songwriter, you can just take a known motif and put it on his own poetry. The last write you have. Think, what would you like to say to your mom on this day, for what to thank and what to wish for. Put it all in his song, and perform it in celebration of the day of birth in the presence of guests. You can sing a Cappella, with a guitar or a soundtrack.
Arrange an excursion into the past. Gather photos from different times: childhood and youth mother, the period of your childhood, growing up, the birth of grandchildren. Then you can decide what to do: print photos and hang them in frames on the wall at my mom; to make a slide show and demonstrate to the mother; to prepare the present video of photo cards that will be changed with music. You can sign each photo, to Express their love and gratitude, to write wishes on the day of birth. This gift will be remembered for a long time.
Send mom to the Spa centre. Wanting to give a loved one a pleasure, contact the best Spa in your city. Tell us about your mother, be sure to specify age and disease, which can cause failure in some of the procedures. Pay for a few services and personally bring her to school. Be sure to wait until the end and take home. After a massage, masks, saunas and wraps your Mama don't refuse a Cup of coffee or a glass of wine.
Complete the apartment mom flowers. Well, if the day of birth falls on a weekday and your mother go to work. During this time, you (with family) will bring a huge number of colors, combined in bouquets or individually, and put them in vases in all the rooms. You can add the bouquets with pleasant notes with wishes. Arriving home, your mother will literally drown in living color, that would be nice and unexpected.
Give the ticket to the country of her dreams. Perhaps your mother's lifelong dream to get somewhere, but she failed. Live the dream, pay a trip at a travel Agency, not forgetting the fact that you may need a visa, without the recipient of the gift will not do. Of course, send the mother to a distant country one and dangerous, and ugly. Pay a trip for both parents, either to go for a vacation with the whole family.