Homemade birthday card for mom

A great way of wishing someone close is a homemade postcard. It can be made of cardboard or thick velvet paper. As decorations you can choose the fabric with beautiful pattern, lace, beading, etc. of these materials, you can make a frame design for greeting text.

The fabric is perfect as a cover and beaded, ribbons, seeds, dried leaves, etc. can be laid out landscape. In the picture you can paste a picture of his mom and decorate it with hearts made from foil. If the card drop-down, tie her beautiful satin ribbon or lace edging.

Not be amiss to Supplement the original card a homemade accessory such as a tie for her special sheath. As the case for cards can serve your embroidery.

How to organize a holiday for mom

When greeting a souvenir will be ready, think about the process of celebration. Depending on the nature and preferences of moms, host a themed party in a suitable place or cozy family holiday. If you are a good cook, try to make all the food for celebration alone. Cake you can bake yourself, but you can order. Select the form and congratulations, which the pastry will write on your product.

In addition to cards, you can prepare a verbal greeting in the form of mental speech. Do not overdo the solemnity of the text. Mom is more likely to be touched by your sincerity, rather than wespennest phrases. Also don't make it too long, otherwise guests will not have time to put in your own words to the hero of the day.

Verbal greetings can be submitted not only as speech but also as song or personally invented the poem. If the family has several children, you can work together to come up with a play or break a congratulatory text on multiple roles.

Original will look a large card, decorated in the form of pictures. If you can draw, try portray the landscape of the Paradise Islands for mom, where you want to send her to rest. Manufacture for a special gift box. For this ordinary cardboard box panel with beautiful cloth or velvet paper glue, don't forget to wrap the lid with satin or lace ribbon. But the most important thing is to make a trip to this island Paradise!

Another unusual greeting is the speech of the announcer at the local television or radio. Pre-specify what programs and radio stations, in what specific time watching and listening to your mother. Don't forget that this greeting imposes additional requirements on the text of the speech, so try to think it as thoroughly as possible.