You will need
  • paper;
  • - ballpoint pen or pencil;
  • music minus one;
  • guitar;
  • - family pictures;
  • - PC with Internet access;
  • - the software for work with graphics.
Write for mom song and dedicate it to her. Not having the talent as a composer and songwriter, pick up a known motive and put him composed in honor of the jubilee poems. Composing a rhyming text that reflect the gratitude to the most beloved person for you.
Get singing close relatives or parents ' friends by preparing them in advance. Bring your musical gift in front of guests in celebration of the anniversary, and performed it with a guitar or a soundtrack.
Make a nice and touching excursion into the past. Compose photos depicting the stages of life of the celebrant: his childhood and youth mother, so growing up, grandkids being born.
Improvise with shots, plugging your creative imagination. Insert image in a colorful frame, hang on the walls in my mother's apartment or make the original video from photo cards, smoothly varying music.
Give a loved one the pleasure of organizing a visit to the best in your city Spa. Before the visit talk to the staff Wellness companies. Specify the age and infirmities of your mother, which may cause contraindications for certain procedures.
Pay for salon services and personally bring the jubilee. Wait for and on the way home, give mother a Cup of coffee or a good glass of wine.
Remember that the original and a priceless gift for mom will be a visit to the country or place associated with pleasant memories and joyful feelings. Make her dream come true, to prepare the necessary documents and paying the ticket at a travel Agency.
Note that you can send mom into a far country one is unsafe. Give the gift of travel for two parents or organise the rest of your family.