Any mother will be enjoyable even a simple greeting card and flowers. And if you also sign the card yourself, Express all feelings, it will warm her heart.
If you are still focused on the flowers, but want to give them original, buy a few different flowers. Depending on the choice of colors, the list could be different. But mom will be nice, beautiful and unusual bouquet will decorate her room.
Now doing a lot of different posters. You can approach this case with fiction, and create your own unique newspaper. The main characters – you and mom. Hang photos of different years, not only my mother, but yours. The point is simple – you would not have taken place in this life, don't be near your Guardian angel your mom.
If your mom is a creative person, writes poetry, sings, knits, cross-stitch, - give her online shop. Personal webpage or blog will open the mother up new horizons in creativity and communicating with people. And along with computer literacy.
Give mom a watch with your best photo together. They can either be booked in advance on Internet sites, or special directories chapel of the plants are not too expensive). And you can make your own, it is important to know how the clock mechanism to pull the original image and replace with your photo.
If you have a large family, you can make a comic competition "Hey, girl" and let mom and daughters held a number of comic contests. Of course, must win the most important mom or friendship. Although a good mood and positive will be provided as participants and fans!